President’s Award for Outstanding Young Researcher

Dr. Ge Liang
Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Dr. Ge Liang is a celebrated novelist as well as a pioneering inter-disciplinary researcher. 

A talented creative writer, Dr. Ge has published a total of 12 books and obtained 10 literary awards.  He has been named one of the “Best 20 Sinophone Writers under 40” by Unitas, one of the most authoritative Chinese literary magazines.  He has also won the much esteemed First Prize of “The Unitas Fiction Writer’s Prize of Taiwan”. 

Dr. Ge’s full-length novel, Scarlet Finch (朱雀), presents a perfect illustration of both a century-long history and modern metropolis life in China.  It was named as being among the “Top Ten Chinese Novels of 2009” by Asia Weekly and selected for the “Book Series of Contemporary Novelists” by Professor David Wang of Harvard University.  He is the youngest writer to earn both of these distinguished honours.  His recent work, Ah Tak and Steve (阿德與史蒂夫), portrays the diversified Hong Kong community in a fantastic and thought-provoking light and was honoured by Asia Weekly, chosen as one of the “Top Ten Chinese Novels of 2012”. 

As regards traditional scholarly work, Dr. Ge’s research combines perspectives from sociology, anthropology and architecture in the study of Chinese urban literature and culture.  He has published 21 journal papers, many appearing in top-tier journals.  He also has a forthcoming monograph, Home is where the heart is – A Cultural Study of the Immigrants’ Fiction of Yan Geling.  His exploratory articles on contemporary Chinese urban literature and culture have been widely cited and discussed, making profound impacts in these fields.  In terms of grants, Dr. Ge has secured a National Social Science Foundation Major Project and obtained thrice the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Project Grant for Literature Projects. 

Dr. Ge plays an active role in international academia.  He has been invited to be the keynote speaker at several conferences, such as the International Conference on East-West Studies, the Fifth Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong, and the Overseas Chinese Literature Forum.  As a well-known novelist, he receives regular invitations to serve as judge for literary awards, providing further proof of his progress to achieving a leading position in literary circles. 

The Selection Committee believes that Dr. Ge has authentic talents to excel and is progressively making a name for himself as both a novelist and a researcher.  He is a truly deserving recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Young Researcher.