President’s Award for Outstanding Performance of Academic/Teaching Staff

The President’s Award Scheme for Outstanding Performance of Academic/Teaching Staff was established in 2000-01 to recognise outstanding performance, to promote excellence in performance standards and to encourage colleagues to press on for greater achievement. Under the Scheme, the President and Vice-Chancellor will give out one and at most two President’s Awards for Outstanding Performance in Teaching, Scholarly Work, and Service, as well as for Outstanding Young Researcher.

Three Sub-Committees for Teaching, Scholarly Work/Outstanding Young Researcher, and Service were formed as the first bodies to consider all nominations made by Faculties/Schools. Recommendations of the Selection Sub-Committees were then considered by a Selection Committee chaired by the President and Vice-Chancellor with members comprising the Vice-President (Academic), the Vice-President (Research and Development) and one representative drawn from Members of each Sub-Committee.

This year, the University received a total of fifteen nominations for the Award Scheme. All the nominated candidates have performed excellent work in their respective areas. After exhaustive deliberation, the Selection Committee finally recommended six colleagues to receive the President’s Award for their outstanding accomplishments. They have either made important breakthroughs in or exerted a remarkable impact on their respective work areas. We congratulate these six colleagues for their significant contributions. The University takes great pride in their dedication, profound commitment and outstanding achievements.