Dr. Wee Lian Hee
Department of English Language and Literature

Dr. Wee Lian Hee is recognised as an outstanding young researcher in the field of linguistics. Dr. Wee’s research interests focus on the core areas of linguistic research in phonology and tone, language varieties and structures of languages. He enjoys a rising profile in his field and considerable esteem by his colleagues and peers both here and in Greater China, Singapore and beyond.

Dr. Wee has an enviable research record including two edited volumes, two monographs, nine book chapters, seven conference proceedings, three book reviews and 14 journal articles, with a stream of important works appearing in world-class publication venues such as Language and Linguistics and World Englishes. Dr. Wee’s co-edited essay collection, Reality Exploration and Discovery: Patterns in Language and Life, was published by the highly acclaimed Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) Publications with the endorsements of celebrated authors in the field. Another forthcoming volume of his, Capturing Phonological Shades: Patterns within and across Languages (to be released this year by Cambridge Scholars Publishing) likewise received much praise from a number of distinguished linguists around the world.

Dr. Wee’s research is widely recognised, with a citation count of more than 350. He was moreover awarded the Second Prize for Research Excellence in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Guangdong, China, in 2011. Since joining the University, he has successfully secured a General Research Fund, an HKBU Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund, two Teaching Development Grants, as well as seven Faculty Research Grants, more than HK$1 million all told.

Since obtaining his PhD degree in 2004, Dr. Wee’s influence in the field of linguistics is evidenced by the growing number of invitations to deliver lectures and talks at universities and his active dissemination of his findings through conferences. Providing further evidence of his growing maturity of scholarship, Dr. Wee has received invitations to review papers for leading journals including Language and Linguistics and Journal of Linguistics. He also serves as reviewer for grant applications, including for the National Science Foundation (USA), the General Research Fund (Hong Kong), the Academic Research Fund (Singapore), and more recently the Faculty Development Scheme (Hong Kong).

The Selection Committee is fully confident that Dr. Wee has excellent potential to excel and is progressively establishing himself as a prominent linguist on the international stage. His strong devotion to his works makes him a worthy recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Young Researcher.