Award recipients

Dr. Kwok Wai Luen has a proven and distinguished track record as a teacher. He is wholly enthusiastic about engaging with students and patient and caring in handling their diverse education needs. Students much appreciate his ability to stimulate their interest in learning through his innovative and interactive pedagogies.

Dr. Kwok has made significant contributions to a major revision of the curriculum of his Department and is considered one of the pioneers of inter-departmental service learning courses. He led a team in designing service learning General Education courses, devoting a great deal of effort in integrating service learning into religious studies scholarship. A successful example of Dr. Kwok’s work in designing inter-departmental service learning courses was the development of the “Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services” with the School of Chinese Medicine and the Office of Student Affairs.

Thanks to Dr. Kwok’s dedicated effort, his students have gained internship opportunities in respected non-governmental organisations and commercial enterprises. They include Hong Kong Christian Services, the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, Hung Fook Tong Holdings Limited and Media-Go Group Limited. Dr. Kwok has also impressed the Selection Committee with his active participation in the University Grants Committee’s Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Kwok has a reflective philosophy of teaching and a thorough understanding of pedagogy and students’ learning process. He adopts multiple teaching and assessment approaches that are most suitable for specific student groups. A peer observation conducted in 2014 gave a highly positive report on Dr. Kwok. It concluded that he was on track to become one of the best teachers in his Department. It also found that the content of his courses was full of fun, interesting, broad and inspiring. He is open-minded and instrumental in developing students’ critical thinking. Even when he teaches Christian values as a Christian, students note that he can be open to other positions. One student noted: “The teaching materials used are related to our daily life, which enables us to understand what we wanted immediately.”

Dr. Kwok is highly responsive to students’ feedback and often devotes time to meet with students outside the classroom for discussion and counselling. One student said: “We have a lot of brainstorming and discussion times in the lessons. We enjoy being in class very much.” Another student said: “There is an atmosphere of freedom in class. Dr. Kwok encourages students to ask questions no matter how trivial it is and he will answer the question in detail.”  

In light of this exemplary record, the Selection Committee believes that Dr. Kwok is a truly worthy recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching.