Award recipients

With a shared passion for and commitment to nurturing a new generation of Chinese medicine practitioners, six colleagues from the School of Chinese Medicine have been working as a close-knit and dedicated team for five years towards their common goals. They have developed a one-of-a-kind internship programme for students of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biomedical Science double-degree programme. The objective is to provide students with the best on-the-job training that is available in the School’s partner institutions, the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine and the Foshan Hospital of Chinese Medicine, and equip them with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for a Chinese medicine practitioner (CMP).

The team has developed and adopted a continuous and comprehensive assessment mechanism, built upon the University’s ethos of whole person education, to evaluate students’ performance in the internships. Students are assessed not only on their mastery of medical knowledge, clinical skills and bedside management, but also on their abilities to work as a team member, to communicate effectively with their patients and coworkers, think critically and solve problem efficiently when confronted with difficult situations.

The results have been impressive, with students achieving in 2017 the highest pass rate for the CMP Licensing Examination since 2009. They attribute their success to the concerted effort of the team in organising specialised training workshops prior to the exam and assembling a team of veteran CMPs from the School to serve as examiners in a mock examination.

What sets the School’s internship programme apart from its counterparts is the strong support system that the team has put in place for students. The team frequently travels to the partner institutions, not only to meet with the doctors to make sure the students are in good hands but also to provide advice and counselling to the students and ensure their academic, professional and other needs are met. Members are basically on call 24 hours a day to attend to any problems students may have.

With a view to building an overarching framework for the provision of inpatient and outpatient clinical training and teaching to students in Hong Kong’s future Chinese medicine teaching hospital, the team has made assiduous efforts to conduct research to advance the pedagogy, curriculum and assessment of the internship courses.

On account of the team members’ excellent coordination of the internship programme, their substantial contribution to the attainment of high pass rates by students, their seamless teamwork and active engagement in teaching research and continuous professional development, the Selection Committee is delighted to recommend the team for the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Team Teaching.