Award recipients
-Scholarly Work-

Professor Zhang Ge is truly an accomplished scholar who has earned local and international acclaim for his remarkable achievements on the research front. An expert in clinical translational medicine in orthopedics and traumatology, Professor Zhang has won a host of awards for his tireless efforts in conducting high impact research. He has also been exceptionally successful in securing research funds.

Since joining the University in September 2012, Professor Zhang has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers, with 58 published in Q1 journals. His publications have been cited 1,500 times with about half of them recorded during his time at the School of Chinese Medicine.

Professor Zhang is the first inventor since 2012 to obtain a patent from China’s State Intellectual Property Office and has also gained two Patent Cooperation Treaty patents from the World Intellectual Property Organization.

In his distinguished record with regard to funding, Professor Zhang has secured external grants with a grand total of HK$12.91 million and RMB5.24 million in the past five years. In addition he has obtained six internal research grants amounting to over HK$5.4 million.

For his notable achievements in the advancement of orthopedic research, Professor Zhang has won a string of awards, notably from prestigious Mainland China institutions. His high repute gained him an invitation in 2015 to serve as guest editor of a special issue of the Q1 journal International Journal of Molecular Sciences. He has also reviewed scientific manuscripts in a wide array of peer-reviewed journals. Furthermore he was appointed visiting professor by Jinan University, Guangzhou, in 2013 and by Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, in 2014. 

A major milestone was reached in 2017 when Professor Zhang and his team took part in a space life science study on China’s first cargo spacecraft, Tianzhou-1. The University is the only higher education institute outside of Mainland China to take part in this national research initiative.

Professor Zhang is eager to share his multiple research findings of far-reaching significance with professionals in his field. He has seized every opportunity to attend conferences and has published or presented more than 60 conference papers in the past five years.

Apart from being an exceptional researcher, Professor Zhang has demonstrated his ability to build, lead and motivate a top-rated research team to work towards a common goal and at the same time allow room for individual development.

With Professor Zhang’s exemplary and highly-recognised record in research together with his tireless efforts in services that are beneficial to the University’s work and its external stature, the Selection Committee believes Professor Zhang is unreservedly worthy of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work.