Award recipients
-Scholarly Work-

Dr. Janice Pan is an exceptional researcher whose excellence in research and scholarly activity is amply evidenced both in her growing body of internationally-published papers and her success in obtaining research grants. Already as a PhD student in City University of Hong Kong she showed great promise gaining four outstanding academic performance awards and publishing quality articles.

This promise has been fully realised since Dr. Pan’s joining the University in 2014. She has produced a consistent and regular output of high quality publications, both sole- and multi-authored, in top-tier journals with a total of 17 articles published to date. These journals include Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, The Interpreter and Translator Trainer and Target:International Journal of Translation Studies, the latter being of particularly high status. She has also co-authored a book with the leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher Springer.

Dr. Pan’s work explores several issues in interpreting, in particular interpreting pedagogy and interpreter education, pragmatic issues in political interpreting, and mapping the field of interpreting research. She employs a range of methodologies including thematic analysis, corpus-driven approach, and bibliometrics, and bases her work on a variety of learning theories. Her outputs make important contributions to this relatively young field of inquiry, and the fact that two of her articles have already seen republication in anthologies of independently-edited writing in her field testifies further to the quality of her output. These anthologies are a Routledge published volume titled Situated Learning in Translator and Interpreter Training, and another, also published by Routledge, titled Chinese Translation Studies in the 21st Century: Current Trends and Emerging Perspectives, a title that again speaks to the growing impact and international standing of Dr. Pan’s work.

Dr. Pan has a highly proactive approach to international engagement which she has pursued through conference participation. She has presented no fewer than 37 international conference papers as a sole- or co-presenter, of which 21 have been during her years at the University. She has also been invited to serve as reviewer for important international journals and invited to be plenary chair or host for international conferences. This has helped gain her work greater exposure on the international stage.

In 2016 and 2017 Dr. Pan has attained three research grants, comprising one Early Career Scheme grant, one General Research Fund grant and one under the Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning. This is clear evidence of a researcher who is going full steam ahead with an ambitious and successful research programme, in which funding success is an integral part.

As it is abundantly clear that Dr. Pan is poised to become a leading scholar of international renown and her performance to date is indicative of her major presence in the field as her career progresses, the Selection Committee is unreserved in recommending her for the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance as Young Researcher.