Award recipients

Ms. Huang Feili is a highly experienced Chinese medicine practitioner whose skilled and tireless services in educational, academic, administrative, professional and community fields are much sought-after.

In her medical work, Ms. Huang has consistently maintained a high patient volume and her consultation sessions are always fully booked. In recognition of her strong administrative abilities, she was appointed to serve concurrently as Associate Director of the Clinical Division in February 2012 to assist the Director in overseeing the operation of the University’s Chinese medicine clinics and taking charge of the promotion campaign for the Division.

Since becoming Associate Director, Ms. Huang has introduced a number of initiatives and projects. These include enforcing high standards of clinical safety, reducing the number of complaints from patients at the School’s network of 16 clinics, and meeting the demand for high quality outpatient services that are on a par with international standards. As a result of her sound and efficient management, the number of complaints has been kept at a low level for a number of years.

Ms. Huang has also played a crucial role in the introduction of the online booking system at Chinese medicine Clinics. She initiated the replacing of the archive of traditional handwritten medical records with an electronic system. This gives Chinese Medicine practitioners easy access to a shared database of patients’ records at different clinics.

To promote the excellence of the University’s clinics and build the reputation of their teams, in 2012 Ms. Huang set up a Promotion Task Force to assist the Director in formulating and executing publicity plans. She has led the Task Force and the general office of Clinical Division in completing a large amount of publicity work to promote Chinese medicine culture and services via different channels and media outlets.

Apart from the operation of the clinics, Ms. Huang is responsible for coordinating the Division’s social outreach to vulnerable groups. In partnership with a variety of charitable organisations, outpatient Chinese medicine services are provided to the elderly and sufferers from Alzheimer’s disease. In addition subsidised services are provided to the elderly in low-income families, and a therapeutic programme is provided to unmarried women who have undergone abortions.

Ms. Huang, whose specialty is Chinese medicine dermatology, has spent considerable time and efforts training junior Chinese medicine practitioners in providing skincare treatment in different clinics.  With a genuine passion for nurturing young talent, she has generously transferred her extensive knowledge to and unreservedly shared her experience with the young practitioners.

In addition to her heavy workload of clinical work and administrative duties, Ms. Huang shoulders a considerable teaching load. She also contributes to curriculum design and supervision of students. With regard to scholarly work, she is active in the publication of professional books and papers. She frequently participates in academic conferences and professional activities to share her profound knowledge in the field.

Ms. Huang could not have provided all of the abovementioned services if not for her selfless dedication. Hence the Selection Committee has no shadow of doubt in recommending Ms. Huang as a worthy recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Service.