President's Award for
Outstanding Performance in Teaching

Dr. Tushar Chaudhuri

Associate Head (Administration) /
Senior Lecturer

Department of Government and International Studies

Faculty of Social Sciences

A superb and dedicated teacher, Dr. Tushar Chaudhuri is at the forefront of development in diversifying and internationalising students’ learning experience through proactive and creative use of cutting edge technologies. His adoption of the 3C approach of “Connect, Collaborate and Construct” in his teaching of German as a foreign language and European area studies has proved to be highly effective.

Always keen on launching fresh initiatives, Dr. Chaudhuri provides his students multiple opportunities to explore subjects through a variety of modes of learning. These include simulation tools, intercultural projects, research study and field trips, opening up students’ ability to turn knowledge into an experience. Apart from learning the language, students have their knowledge of the history, politics, economics and cultural studies of German-speaking countries greatly enriched.

A shining example of Dr. Chaudhuri’s innovative curriculum design has been his online telecollaborative project which enables students to engage in real-life communication in German with overseas partners. The design of the project was adapted to include schools in Hong Kong and the European Union, which was much appreciated by pupils and teachers alike.

After just two years of study, Dr. Chaudhuri’s students are sufficiently proficient to study at a German university or to undertake a six-month internship anywhere in German-speaking Europe, an ability that has drawn highly positive feedback from the internship companies.

Dr. Chaudhuri is active in conducting research on e-Learning, which has been effective in informing his teaching. Because of his experience in e-Learning, Dr. Chaudhuri is regularly invited by international universities to give talks and conduct workshops on how to integrate e-Learning into everyday teaching and learning and what insights can be obtained through such integration.

For two consecutive years (2016-2018) Dr. Chaudhuri engaged in the Global Learning Online project in cooperation with the University of Kent in Britain for students of Government & International Studies and European Studies. He has also edited two books in teaching and learning.

Dr. Chaudhuri has received two University Grants Committee Teaching Development Grants as Principal Investigator. He has also received a grant as Principal Investigator from the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union under the Jean Monnet activities scheme to conduct an online teaching and learning platform for secondary schools.

Dr. Chaudhuri serves on the board of Interface, a journal of the National Taiwan University on European languages and literature. He also serves as an international reviewer of German as a Foreign Language, a leading bilingual journal of his field, and is a reviewer for the International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (UPIDE). Dr. Chaudhuri is also a Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technology (CMALT).

With Dr. Chaudhuri’s hugely impressive depth of experience and achievement, and his imaginative and inspiring pedagogies, the Selection Committee has no shadow of doubt in recommending him as a worthy recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching.