President's Award for
Outstanding Performance in Teaching

Dr. John D. Winzenburg

Associate Professor

Department of Music

Faculty of Arts

Choral conductor Dr. John D. Winzenburg has made a tremendous impact in the Department of Music since joining in 2008, building a strong and vibrant choral programme.

In 2009 Dr. Winzenburg formed the Cantoría Hong Kong chamber choir which has earned both local and international acclaim through performances in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas, events that have helped to promote the University. Since being formed, the Cantoría’s musical standard and profile has risen through innovative and high-impact programming resulting in an impressively extensive record of achievements. The ensemble was awarded the 2015 WYCCF-Jebsen Choral Arts Youth Scholarship in recognition of its contribution to Hong Kong choral music.

Dr. Winzenburg has adopted a research-led curriculum in order to integrate the processes of discovery, application and community impact. He engages students in extensive international exchange with Asia, Europe and New Zealand and embraces experiential learning to enhance their practical skills and facilitate their career progress. As part of his drive to give students a truly rounded learning environment and experience, much effort is devoted to collaborative performances, workshops, choral competitions, and performance tours with internationally renowned performing artists and composers. Students benefit a great deal from this exposure to the global music world.

Dr. Winzenburg’s work with HKBU ensembles was instrumental in obtaining the commission for a project to produce the first Chinese choral anthology to be published by a major international brand. He compiled and edited the 24-piece anthology entitled Half Moon Rising: Choral Music from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, which was published in 2015. This project served as an impetus for many other initiatives and collaborations involving the Cantoría Hong Kong that have benefited choral artists from a variety of regions.

More specific to Hong Kong, the Cantoría and other HKBU choirs have actively commissioned and premiered new Cantonese works. Through their involvement in Dr. Winzenburg’s Chinese choral research, HKBU students have become key agents of cultural impact.

Dr. Winzenburg is tireless in exploring new teaching approaches for training the ensemble, critically exploring disciplines beyond choral music alone through premieres of multimedia and interdisciplinary works, musical-theatrical and film productions, community outreach concerts, radio and television broadcasts, religious services and official ceremonies. His contributions have extended far beyond the rehearsal rooms, concert halls and studios to cover a wide range of other teaching-related activities.

Dr. Winzenburg’s energy and skills, his boundless creativity and sure-footed ability to inspire students to realise their full potential qualify him as a richly deserving recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching.