President's Award for
Outstanding Performance in Early Career Teaching

Dr. Chen Peng Rocky

Assistant Professor

Department of Marketing

School of Business

From the very outset of his teaching career at the University, Dr. Chen Peng Rocky has stood out among his peers as highly motivated and passionate about his work, with a strong drive to teaching excellence and to give his students every opportunity to realise their full potential.

Dr. Chen attributes the positive feedback on his teaching to his unique pedagogy which he calls T-PEEL, or bridging theory and practice through experiential and engaging learning. The first component is the connection of cutting-edge theory with real-world practice in course content. He strongly believes in research-informed teaching and incorporates both his scholarly research and his industry background when teaching consumer behaviour. As an outstanding consumer behaviour researcher, he frequently shares his up-to-date knowledge of consumer behaviour and helps students apply theory in class and in their life.

Dr. Chen also believes that superior marketing education takes place when course materials are closely related to the real world. Hence he strives to have students work on real-world projects, conduct real consumer research inside and outside classrooms, and provide strategic analysis and suggestions that can be applied in the real world for companies.

Appreciating this approach, a student commented: “It was a very informative course with a lot of interesting, inspiring and memorable examples; the case study helps me to understand what I have learned.” His teaching also has a positive influence on the internationalisation of students’ learning. Each year he has international exchange students in his class, one of whom, from Germany, was inspired by his teaching to choose consumer behaviour as her thesis topic. The student’s thesis scored an A+ at her home university.

One of Dr. Chen’s unique ways to engage students is to make them feel they are respected and supported. Despite the large number of students in his class, he remembers all the students’ names and motivates everyone to participate in discussions, which results in a very dynamic and active class atmosphere.

Dr. Chen considers that good pedagogy should not just be used in class but also shared with other teachers. As mentor to new teachers in his department, he helps them develop their skills by citing his own successes and mistakes.

With his manifold teaching skills and profound commitment to the promotion of student learning, Dr. Chen is significantly ahead of his peers in teaching excellence at this early stage, and thoroughly deserves selection for the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Early Career Teaching.