President's Award for
Outstanding Performance in Team Teaching

The team of
Department of Marketing,
School of Business

Dr. Ho Wing Yan Glos, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Henry Fock, Head / Associate Professor (Team Leader)
Prof. Gerard P. Prendergast, Associate Dean (Internationalisation) / Professor
Dr. Cheng Yuet Yee Shirley, Associate Professor
Dr. Connie Li, Lecturer
(from left)

With a shared passion for nurturing responsible marketers and consumers in the new generation, the team introduced the innovative “Socially Responsible Marketing” (SRM) education aimed at HKBU students and Hong Kong youth at large. While the team members serve in different roles as planner, coordinator, mentor and teacher, each of the members is an indispensable component of the SRM mission.

SRM is a holistic term that builds on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by capturing the need for socially responsible behaviour by both sellers and buyers in marketplace exchanges instead of simply on the corporate side. Although the discipline of SRM is built on existing marketing concepts and theories, it goes beyond the traditional boundary of the marketing discipline and brings it to a new educational frontier.

SRM education plays to the strengths of the Department of Marketing and contributes to the School of Business’s strategic theme of Corporate Social Responsibility. With the team’s interlinked individual and collective efforts in planning, support and promotion, SRM education has been extended far beyond the confines of the University classrooms.

As well as instilling the impact of SRM in students, the team employs a variety of means to effectively communicate with all stakeholders. These channels include experiential learning, service learning, teaching innovation, engagement with the general public and reaching out to social and business partners.

The team’s efforts have earned much appreciation from the community. In March 2018, the team received a donation of HK$8.22 million from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to support a three-year SRM educational community programme to promote a responsible consumption culture and raise awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development in Hong Kong.

All team members are highly effective teachers, consistently receiving excellent feedback from their students for a wide range of general education, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Team members are also actively involved in pedagogical research on engaging SRM in marketing education.

In recognition of their enterprising work and successful team efforts in developing and promoting SRM education, plus the all-round contribution by all five team members to teaching and education at all levels, the Selection Committee takes pleasure in recommending them for the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Team Teaching.