President's Award for
Outstanding Performance as Young Researcher

Dr. Li Jianfeng

Assistant Professor

Department of Geography

Faculty of Social Sciences

In his research focusing on aspects of the world-changing threat posed by climate change, Dr. Li Jianfeng has recorded notable results that have been widely recognised and laid a solid foundation for an exceptional academic career ahead.

Dr. Li’s research focuses on the responses of hydrological cycle and climate extremes under the changing environment. The results help to advance scientific understanding of the hydro-meteorological mechanisms under climate change and evaluate future risks of water and environmental hazards. This is an essential foundation for enhancing the readiness and resilience of cities in facing the existential climate threats.

Dr. Li has an impressive track record of appearing in high-impact publications, including more than 45 peer-reviewed journal papers which have been cited more than 1,100 times with a high impact factor. Many of the papers have appeared in top-tier journals including Nature Climate change, Journal of Hydrometeorology, Journal of Hydrology, Journal of Climate and Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.

Dr. Li’s study on elevated increases in human-perceived temperature was published in Nature Climate Change, a research journal with high impact factor. The study, which was supported by an Early Career Scheme grant from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC), attracted extensive coverage in local and international media. A video clip was posted on the RGC’s YouTube channel to publicise the outcome of the grant.

Dr. Li has been highly proactive and productive in his applications for external and internal research grants, with a record of an Early Career Scheme and two General Research Fund grants and several Faculty Research Grants as Principal Investigator and one Public Policy Research fund as a Co-Investigator.

Dr. Li has also been active in establishing his research team and collaborating with local and overseas scholars. With the support of these grants, he supervises three PhD students and works with postdoctoral research fellows, research assistants, visiting scholars as well as research collaborators from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Canada, Australia, etc. His awards in recognition of his excellent research results and progress have included the Heywood Young Scientists Award from the Hong Kong Meteorological Society.

Dr. Li is an associate editor of Hydrological Processes, a leading international journal on water resources, and a reviewer for a wide array of peer-reviewed journals. His busy schedule also includes attending and organising sessions at international conferences, developing his collaborative network and enhancing his visibility. One major involvement in such activities was his contribution to hosting the international symposium on governmental informatics at the University in December 2017.

With a strong record of high-quality research already established, and with the exciting prospect of scaling many new heights of achievement ahead of him, Dr. Li Jianfeng is unreservedly worthy of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance as Young Researcher.