President's Award for
Outstanding Performance in Service

Dr. Lee Nam Yuk Amelia

Associate Dean (Programme Development)
Head/Principal Lecturer

Division of Early Childhood and Elementary Education

School of Continuing Education

A model of dedication, versatility and readiness to serve in a wide variety of roles, Dr. Lee Nam Yuk Amelia has a record of achievements that have been of tremendous benefit not just to the School of Continuing Education, but also to the University and the community as a whole. Dr. Lee has made it her personal mission to provide quality continuing education programmes to lifelong learners during their formal education years as well as partnering with them in addressing career-long educational needs and lifelong learning.

As Head of the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division since 2005, Dr. Lee has been instrumental in developing a number of signature programmes which have gained a high reputation and been warmly received by the community. Under her leadership, the Division has continued to grow and maintained its leading role in nurturing professionals in the early childhood education sector. Ever alert to policy trends and responsive to changes, she has been more than capable of upholding programme quality in the face of keen competition from an increasing number of programme providers. Today the University is firmly established as a prestigious institution in preparing early childhood educators.

Among her achievements in exerting positive impacts on the society, especially commendable has been Dr. Lee’s proactive participation in various task forces and committees, engaging herself in education policies consultation and formulation.

As the Chair of the Curriculum Development Council Committee on Early Childhood Education under the Education Bureau (EDB) from 2013 to 2017, Dr. Lee led the revamp of the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide which promotes joyful learning through play and balanced development. The Guide’s recommendations were implemented in all local kindergartens in 2017. In addition, as a member of the Sub-Committee on Communication Strategy under the Committee on Free Kindergarten Education from 2013 to 2015, she contributed to the formation of the roadmap to free kindergarten education in Hong Kong.

Dr. Lee plays an important role in the Organisation Mondiale pour l’Education Préscolaire (OMEP), an international non-governmental and non-profit organisation promoting the rights of the child to education and care worldwide.

Under Dr. Lee’s presidency of OMEP-Hong Kong, the OMEP Asia Pacific Regional Conference was held for the first time in Hong Kong in 2017, involving 15 countries and regions. As the Chair of the Conference held at the University, Dr. Lee engaged the EDB as co-organiser and five universities in Hong Kong as partners in setting up the Conference. With Dr. Lee’s ability to overcome hardships and setbacks, the Conference proved to be a resounding success, held at a scale greater than those in other cities and promoted as a designated event of HKSAR’s 20th Anniversary celebrations. The reputation of the University as a leader in early childhood education was considerably enhanced.

Dr. Lee is frequently invited by the Government and academic and professional bodies to take up advisory, reviewer, chairmanship and executive member roles to share her profound knowledge and provide her wise counsel. Her advice and insights are also sought in Mainland China. Since 2015, she has been working passionately with Hunan First Normal University in training students from the poorest and most remote rural areas in Hunan. Hundreds of these students under the publicly funded and rural community orientated programme have graduated and returned to teach in primary schools in their home villages and bring hopes to the lives of many more children there.

It is a shared sense of purpose that empowers her tireless contributions and deep commitment to the School in a variety of roles. Dr. Lee has had a far-reaching and invaluable influence on the development and reputation of the School and the University. As such she is richly deserving of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Service.