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Dr. Fock Kwong Yin Henry

Head and Associate Professor

Department of Marketing
School of Business

Since becoming Head of the Department of Marketing in 2015, Dr. Fock Kwong Yin Henry has made substantial service contributions on multiple fronts, emphatically demonstrating his profound dedication to the mission of the tertiary education profession.

Dr. Fock has enhanced the teaching and research performance of the Department, broadened students’ learning experience, and built good rapport with the Government, business community and alumni. He has also continually improved the student admission rate for the Department through a series of effective measures and programmes.

Dr. Fock has led important initiatives in nurturing ethical and social minds in the young generation. For example, he successfully applied for a donation of HK$8.22 million from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust in 2018 in support of a community education programme on promoting responsible consumption by the Hong Kong youth community with great success. Apart from the educational aims, the programme helped to enhance the reputation of the University and the Marketing Department among its targeted student applicants and secondary school teachers.

Dr. Fock also led his team in 2017 to develop the Nurturing Social Mind Programme which received a donation commitment from the Government’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund and the Yeh Family Philanthropy. The programme attracted very positive response from the participating students.

Dr. Fock’s strong network with the external professional community was amply demonstrated by his Department receiving an invitation from the Education Bureau to join its District Development Network for promoting a “customer appreciation” culture among secondary school students. The event engaged secondary school students to serve as ambassadors for members of the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence, for example Ocean Park, to promote an “appreciation” culture among their customers. The project was a great success, and the close ties with the Bureau and the Network contributed much to the reputation of the University.

Dr. Fock has maintained a strong relationship with distinguished alumni who are business leaders in Hong Kong. He motivated four of them to serve as adjunct professors for teaching marketing courses in their alma mater.

In addition to his professional and academic work, Dr. Fock has taken up important roles in public services, including membership of the editorial board of the Service Industries Journal and Psychology & Marketing, and as a member of the Training and Employment Steering Committee of the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power.

All the services that Dr. Fock has contributed during his headship of the Department have revealed his diligence and capabilities in service leadership. Hence the Selection Committee has no hesitation in recommending him to receive the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Service.