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Prof. Cheung Mei Kwan Christy


Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
School of Business

The Selection Committee is much impressed by Professor Cheung Mei Kwan Christy’s commitment to help her students pave their ways to success in academia. Being the director of the PhD programmes of the School, Professor Cheung believes her role as a supervisor is to provide her students with opportunities in knowledge creation (research), knowledge dissemination (teaching), and activities related to both (service) during their PhD studies. Her excellence in research supervision is demonstrated by her success in the recruitment of quality postgraduate candidates and the academic accomplishments of her students.

Professor Cheung has a sharp eye for students with good potential in pursuing an academic career. She successfully identified three talented students who were under her supervision in their undergraduate honours projects to join the PhD programme. Under her guidance and support, all of them have been offered academic positions in prestigious European universities as Assistant Professor upon graduation and have published in top-tier international journals, with full membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, a renowned international honours society.

As an internationally recognised expert in Information Systems and e-Business Management, Professor Cheung stresses the importance of international exposure in the students’ development. She arranged overseas placements and research visits for students, encouraged them to present at international conferences and build their research networks. Through involving the PhD students to participate in her research projects which she collaborated with international scholars in the field, Professor Cheung helps her students to expand their networks and creates an environment for lifelong learning among collaborators. She also plays a leading role in organising research-related activities for the School and Department by inviting scholars worldwide to conduct workshops and seminars at the University to share their research experience with the students and her team.

In addition to international exposure and collaborations, Professor Cheung involves her PhD students to co-teach courses in order to help them equip better in their teaching role before they begin their academic appointments. She also encourages them to serve as session chairs and volunteers in the conferences and stay active in the field for building up reputation and social network.

Professor Cheung’s strong devotion and genuine care to the personal, professional and career development of her students is highly appreciated and best reflected by the students’ own words. Commented by one student: “She always takes time to understand my needs or the problems I face. She provides me with precise direction when I am in doubt, taking into consideration my strengths and weaknesses. What I appreciate most is how genuinely and proactively she tries to engage and create opportunities for her students”.

In recognition of Professor Cheung’s tireless dedication and the remarkable achievement of her students under her supervision, the Selection Committee has no hesitation in recommending her for the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Research Supervision.