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Miss Man Ching Han Vicky

Senior Lecturer

Language Centre
Faculty of Arts

Miss Man Ching Han Vicky is a high-energy and inspiring teacher especially admired for her unwavering commitment to the transformational powers of education. She has had great success in harnessing these powers honed through long experience to stimulate students to learn English as an essential means for them to articulate their thoughts and succeed in their future professions. She always aims as well to transform students from being merely competent specialists to become well-educated citizens equipped with diverse skills that are appropriate for a wide variety of careers.

Miss Man’s innovative pedagogies create a friendly, relaxed and inspiring environment that demonstrates that learning can be a fun activity. Her students appreciate that her classes focus on understanding rather than recitation and instilling content on a one-sided basis. She includes many visual materials that students find stimulating and shares her own English-learning and speaking experiences with them.

Miss Man is constantly attentive to students’ varied backgrounds and welcomes their feedback. She regularly reviews her own teaching practices to ensure that students are furnished with a learning experience that is truly transformative.

Students say the two main things they gain from her classes are knowledge and personal growth. For knowledge they learn the origins of everyday words and ways to identify different accents, helping to communicate with people from different countries and regions. For personal growth, students come to understand that they should not be ashamed of their own accents, nor should they discriminate against people with heavy foreign accents.

In richly deserved recognition of her enormous contribution to teaching and the development of the General Education course “English in the World Today”, Miss Man was presented with the General Education Teaching Award of 2018-19, the latest in an impressive list of honours. Also notable are her extensive presentations at conferences and colloquiums and involvement in workshops.

Miss Man energetically conducts research on linguistics which effectively informs her teaching. In this regard she has written or co-authored numerous books and articles as well as developed educational software on teaching pronunciation, assessment and writing across the curriculum. She also proactively participates in teaching and learning projects that are supported by a variety of funding sources, including the University Grants Committee.

On top of the above, Miss Man has contributed in various capacities to course leadership and curriculum development in the Language Centre.

Miss Man brings to her teaching a wealth of invaluable experience, a pedagogic style that is innovative, inspiring and illuminating, plus a sensitivity to students’ needs, resulting in a distinguished record for which the Selection Committee has no doubt in making her an eminently qualified recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching.